It all started on a rainy day in a small town in the Central West…

Girl meets Boy.

Girl and Boy move in together.

Girl and Boy renovate house.

Girl and Boy have a baby (puppy).

Girl and Boy call said baby Louis.

Girl and Boy realise their house is boring.

Girl forces Boy on quest to turn house into home.

I’m Kate, maybe it wasn’t a rainy day but it certainly has been a whirlwind year!

Unfortunately my penchant for finding bargains means our shed is overflowing with soon-to-be treasures.

Armed with paint and patience (and a very skilled boyfriend), let the transformations begin!

I’m Kate; a journalism student, kitchen try-hard and D.I.Y. obsessed. I live with my patient and gorgeous boyfriend Lawrence and our little fluff-ball, Louis.

Renovations led us to an empty bank account and a white-washed house. After falling in love with a set of bentwood chairs past their used by date, I committed myself to D.I.Y and have never looked back.

With lots of help from my man (and no help from my Louis) I’m turning our house into a home one D.I.Y. at a time.

All Images are explicitly owned by D.I.Y. DAZE. If you would like to use my images please email me at diydaze@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Kate, lovely to “meet” you on Mamamia today 🙂 I have enjoyed reading about your house renos and can’t believe you started with a shell of a house! Wow, that is some hard work!
    Hope to see more of your journey soon.

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