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The hutch/buffet/sideboard/whatever

We have a problem, a serious problem- lack of storage.

Currently our dining room looks like this:


When we’d he’d really rather it looked like this:

Ok jokes, for real this time:

In my dreams...

A few weeks ago I was at my absolute-all-time-favourite bargain-hunting locale and spotted a big timber hutch/buffet/sideboard/whatever and thought hells-to-the-yes I can D.I.Y this baby in no time and a week later (yes a week! It’s a D.I.Y. PB for me!) I am happy to say it’s almost finished (applause).

This was my inspiration:

Shmick white paint-job

Or moody black

It needs just one more coat of paint and the dining room can be used for dining and not storing (applause).

I’ll show y’all some progress pics today and hopefully this weekend when Mr Hutch/buffet/sideboard/whatever gets settled in and beautified he’ll knock your socks off.

In the shop, texting Lawrence to get his opinion

and no I didn’t by the silhouette bowls…

The bottom

The top

primer (we use Zinsser)

Primer makes everything better

Man at work

So there you have it, only a few more sleeps to the big reveal! Ok, ok so I know I am more excited than I should be but I know it’ll look smashing and really begin to transform the room.

Adios me queridos! Kx

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