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Unearthing The Fireplace

Its gets pretty darn chilly in ol’ Bathurst, we knew we needed a fire but weren’t really keen on an open fireplace, nor were we on buying one of those boxy ones that have the flue sticking up the middle of the room. This is what we started with:

Demo time!

Some beautiful paint-work and red-brick by the previous occupants left us wondering what we’d find under there…


Alas we found nothing but an old brick fire-place. I kept imagining the people who originally built the house, sitting around the fire after a long day working on the farm. It makes me feel a bit sad that we couldn’t keep it an open fireplace but it’s just not practical or safe.


Before tiles and paint job, it was looking promising but still had a long way to go!


We were tossing up between painting the mantle/surround white or black. I had been thinking about painting the wall behind our bedroom a slate/navy/black kind of colour for a while so I thought it might be cool to reflect that (our bedroom faces the lounge room). We bought Dulux Domino and asked for an extra tint separately and added the dark part of the tint to get the most perfect colour I could’ve ever imagined!

Now for tiles (black/slate) and we’re all ready to snuggle up

Snuggle O’Clock

The picture in the middle is a self-portrait of my Great Grandfather Frank P. Mahony I come from a family or extraordinarily talented artists. My dad recently painted Lawrence and I a watercolour of our property, it is just incredible. I will post some photos once we find the perfect spot to hang that baby!

Until Next time,

Adios mi queridos! Kx



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The hutch/buffet/sideboard/whatever

We have a problem, a serious problem- lack of storage.

Currently our dining room looks like this:


When we’d he’d really rather it looked like this:

Ok jokes, for real this time:

In my dreams...

A few weeks ago I was at my absolute-all-time-favourite bargain-hunting locale and spotted a big timber hutch/buffet/sideboard/whatever and thought hells-to-the-yes I can D.I.Y this baby in no time and a week later (yes a week! It’s a D.I.Y. PB for me!) I am happy to say it’s almost finished (applause).

This was my inspiration:

Shmick white paint-job

Or moody black

It needs just one more coat of paint and the dining room can be used for dining and not storing (applause).

I’ll show y’all some progress pics today and hopefully this weekend when Mr Hutch/buffet/sideboard/whatever gets settled in and beautified he’ll knock your socks off.

In the shop, texting Lawrence to get his opinion

and no I didn’t by the silhouette bowls…

The bottom

The top

primer (we use Zinsser)

Primer makes everything better

Man at work

So there you have it, only a few more sleeps to the big reveal! Ok, ok so I know I am more excited than I should be but I know it’ll look smashing and really begin to transform the room.

Adios me queridos! Kx

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